Top 10 reasons to Study in Turkey 2021

Top 10 reasons to Study in Turkey 2021

Study in Turkey 2021 has developed significantly in recent decades, both in quality and quantity. Study in Turkey now offers a variety of courses and options for international students let’s see top 10 reasons to Study in Turkey 2021.


Study in Turkey 2021 is the best choice. Turkey is the second country in the world with access to higher education, with an enrollment rate of 94.2%. Turkey, involved in the European Higher Education Area, is implementing the Bologna Process perfectly; our Bologna report is 5 out of 5. Therefore, the diploma you receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries. As a course credit system, ECTS is applied according to Europe and all students receive a diploma supplement. In addition, Turkey is one of the most successful countries participating in Erasmus + exchange programs. In addition to Erasmus, there are many exchange programs in Turkey, such as Mevlana, Farabi, which support student and teacher mobility.

2 University and program diversity Study in Turkey 2021
study in turkey 2021

There are 207 universities in Turkey, with a population of 82 million. The number of students is close to 8 million. With this number of students, Turkey is the first country with more students in the European Higher Education Area. There are almost 60,000 different programs at 207 universities. With so much variety, you will definitely find a university and a program for you. you can d´find more information from from this link

3 Easy living conditions in Turkey 2021

Life in Turkey is more accessible than in most countries. It can meet your needs, such as accommodation, food and drink and entertainment at affordable prices. You can stay in the dormitories on or near the University campuses, or rent a house for a reasonable price. In addition, whatever method of transport you choose as a student, you will receive a discounted ticket or watch the movie at the cinema for a cheaper price.
Turkey is also an easily accessible country because it is located on the continents of Central Asia and Europe. Whichever way you choose to discover Turkey, which is home to countless places of attraction, you can get where you want quickly and comfortably.

4 Multicultural life in Turkey

Turkey, which has hosted many civilizations deeply rooted in its territory for thousands of years, is almost a mosaic of cultures. In this country where countless civilizations have been housed, everyone is tolerant and respectful of each other. Turkey, where you can find a piece of your roots and maybe meet people who speak your language, is ideal for students with a safe and peaceful environment.

5 Modern technology camp

No matter which of the 207 universities you go to, you will have a modern and convenient life experience on campus, equipped with the latest technology

6 Natural beauties

Turkey, which lives four seasons, is known for its natural beauty all over the world. You can enjoy swimming and water sports in the seas around Turkey, you can ski in many cities in the mountains, you can go rafting and practice many extreme sports. You will feel yourself in the sky of Turkey where countless beauties will only fascinate you for its landscape!

7 Learning opportunities in Turkish in Turkey 2021

Several university programs in Turkey are in English. What’s more, you can also learn Turkish, the fifth most spoken language in the world! You can have the opportunity to learn a new language in the Turkish courses that your university offers, and you can be friends with people from many different cultures. you can learn Turkish from Dulongo

8 Hospitable Turks in Turkey

Turkish hospitality is legendary around the world! As a student, if you ask for help, people will strive with all sincerity and kindness. The Turks will welcome you as a guest and have many delicacies to satisfy you. Make sure you don’t lose your home here!

9 Historical and cultural heritage

Based on a long history, there are thousands of historical and cultural monuments in Turkey, many of which are protected as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. Even in your daily life, you will want to keep track of the tracks you may encounter frequently.

10 Suitable for Study in Turkey 2021

With at least one university in each city, Turkey is exactly a student-friendly country! Social clubs, sports teams and cultural events at each university bring together students and bring together distant geographies. When you arrive in Turkey, you will understand that the busiest spots in the city are the places where students socialize. Thanks to the cafes, restaurants and libraries where students pass, cities live 24 hours a day. if you need any support you can contact us

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