Study in Malta

Study in Malta

Malta is one of the sunniest nations in the world and you can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine a year. As the Maltese university system is pretty similar to that of other European countries, so you have a perfect environment for a wonderful higher education experience. There are both private and public universities in Malta.They offer a range of degree programmes focusing on IT / Computer Science as well as International Business.Some of them offer traditional courses and some other offer some specialists such as tourism.The university system is divided into 14 different faculties and areas of study including the Arts, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Media, and Technology fields.)

Why study in Malta?

Most of the Maltese colleges and universities are clustered around capital Valletta, on the north-east Coast of Malta Island. University of Malta, a publicly funded university, is the largest university of Malta which has around 11,000 students including about 700 international students. Its main campus is in the harbor area of Msida, just to the west of Valletta. Though international students are encouraged to learn Maltese but the official teaching language of Maltese universities is English. There are various reasons for choosing Malta as your study destination. They are as follows:

i. Campus facilities:The campus facilities of Maltese universities are as follows:

  • Well-equipped computer labs
  • Bright and spacious lecture rooms
  • Excellent Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fully equipped library and access to online resources
  • Green screen and video equipment
  • Latest smart boards and projection technology

ii. Safest country:Safety and security is the added advantage for international students in Malta which is considered as one the safest countries in the world. If any emergency appears, the international students can enjoy the benefits of free health treatment at state funded hospitals and Health centers.

iii. Career opportunities:After graduation the students can enjoy the opportunities to work in Malta. To add value to your resume, you can apply for jobs in hospitality and other industries.

iv. Economical living:Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world and cost of living like: transportation, food are highly affordable there.

v. High-quality education:Maltese universities provide high quality of education and the courses are internationally recognized. Their curriculum are designed by the qualified professionals with experience in commerce, public affairs and in some other fields.

vi. Top destination for learning English language:Maltese universities offer various English programs to brush up the English skills of international students.

Student visa requirements:All the students, regardless of the nationality is required a valid student visa while studying in Malta and the visa is officially issued by the Migration department of Malta.In order to be eligible for Maltese student visa, you are required to submit the following documents:

  1. A passport size photo
  2. Student visa application form duly signed by student
  3. Original passport recognized by the government of Malta.
  4. Prof of payment of coursework planned
  5. Verification of current address
  6. A copy of specific data or informational pages.
  7. Other information ( upon request)
  8. An invitation or official course confirmation letter from the school the student plans to attend
  9. An official declaration from the school or college in favor of the student applying

Cost of living: Living expense depends on the city you are going to choose, whether it is bigger or smaller but it’s not much than the European countries. If you choose a bigger city to live, eventually you have to bear more than small city. On average, you should budget for between 500 to 1000 euro per month as accommodation, travel and groceries expense. Yes, you also need to consider another cost which is health insurance. But if you are EHIC card holder, you need to bear the same healthcare cost as a Maltese citizens. You will need health insurance if you are not the EHIC card holder. You will need to purchase a policy that is valid for the duration of your studies.

Tuition fees:Tuition fees depend on the country where you are from, the courses you are going to choose and the university you have selected. You need not to pay any tuition fee for gaining a bachelor degree if you are a student from EU/EEA. For the postgraduate degree you need to pay the same tuition fees as maltese students.But if you are a non-EU/EEA student, you are required to pay 1000 to 6000 Euro per year.

Language:There are 3 official languages in Malta. They are: Maltese, Maltese Sign language and English. Another common language which is spoken or understood by almost 66% people is Italian.Most of the courses are offered in either English or Malta. But the University of Malta offers courses only in English.Though you are studying in English, you should try to learn Maltese/Italian in order to communicate with the local and other students in order to make your everyday life more enjoyable. It will definitely make your CV/Resume heavier.

Top universities of Malta:The top universities of Malta are as follows:

Scholarships in Malta: Maltese universities offer 50% scholarships for international students. If you can achieve extraordinary academic qualification you can enjoy more scholarship opportunities.If you can maintain an impressive academic average the scholarship will be renewed on a semester basis. You can enjoy all the incentives such as stipend, work opportunities and government bursaries together if can maintain consistent impressive academic average.Maltese universities also offer students withincredible sports-related achievements scholarships.

Malta is a wonderful destination for those students who feel nervous about living in an unfamiliar environment because it is a highly diverse and welcoming country. The English speaking students can easily communicate and navigate the island efficiently. So, why you are waiting? Take the opportunity, explore the country and enjoy the amazing scenery of Maltese island. All the very best.

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