5 Easiest Schengen countries to get Schengen Visa

If you are considering travelling to the Schengen area, you are not alone. Global apps fly to Shenzhen countries’ embassies every day and require analysis for travel and documentation purposes. Let’s see the 3 easiest countries to get a Shenzhen visa

Assuming you are already familiar with the type of Schengen visa and the required paperwork, the temporary portion you have left may be of concern for fee payment statistics. Probably surprised by the idea of ​​where to apply and no disclaimer notice was found!

Here, it is clear to you loud and clear, we look at the price list starting with the highest percentage. With these stats, you need to broaden your horizons and make smart decisions as you prepare to apply!

Starting with the first country, you will be introduced to you separately and gradually in the last three countries in the Schengen region with the highest rate of Shenzhen visas issued in 2018.

Details about this can be found in the following article.

1) Germany visa ratio is much higher, only 21.92% visas have been rejected. In 2019, 611 people applied for visas and 707 of them were issued visas.

2) In Spain, 2886 visa applications were submitted in 2019, out of which 1890 visa applications were approved.

3) There were 6972 visa applications in Sweden and 4703 visa applications were approved.

4) Of the 4708 visas applied for in France, 2590 were granted.

5) Of the 11,398 visa applications in Italy in 2019, 5,983 were granted.

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