Butcher and Packer Job In Germany

Butcher and Packer Job In Germany

Place of work:

  • The meat plant is located near the city of Hannover approximately 10 km from the center of
  • Candidates will be employees of a German company and will be employed according to German law.
    Employees must commute to Hannover from where they will be picked up.
    2 Position:
  • Packer – person engaged in packaging of products
  • Butcher – cutting of meat (pigs, cows)
    The hygiene requirements in the factory are very strict. 3.


  • Packers wage 11,00 € Gross per hour.
  • Butcher up to 15 € Gross per hour, in the apprenticeship period 11,00 € Gross
  • Payment will be made by the 1Oth of each month, possible bonuses and overtime – individually
    Below is a sample calculation of the net amount:
    168 h x 11,00 Euro = 1848 € gross per month
    Net: 1,342.43 €
    Payroll tax: 126,33 €
    8% Church tax: €10.10
    Total amount of taxes: 136,43 €
    Pension insurance: 171,86 €
    Unemployment insurance: 22,18 €
    Sickness insurance: 146,92 €
    Long-term care insurance: 28,18 €
    Total social insurance: 369,14 €
    Gross: 1,848.00 €
    Net: 1342.43 €
  • 210.00 € Accommodation costs per month

– 50,00 € Transport

1132,43 € Net

  1. Advance payment
  • It is possible, but only once and after 2 weeks of work.
  1. Qualifications:
  • Have had experience working as a butcher
  • Unskilled workers to be trained
  1. Language:
  • Knowledge of German and English at A1 level will be an advantage.
  • English is sufficient, there is a coordinator who speaks German and English
  1. Working Hours:
  • We guarantee 40 working hours per week. The daily working time is 8 hours. Possibility to work overtime. Statutory break times are available.
  • Hours of work vary by department, production line and shift.
  • Shift work
  1. Catering
  • Self-catering
  • There is a canteen on the factory premises where you can eat, price (lunch costs € 2-4).
  1. Accommodation
  • Accommodation is in the company’s own apartments. The apartments cost 210€ per month and are equipped with kitchen and bathroom.
  • Married couples will live in double rooms.
  • There is a possibility of accommodation 500 m from the workplace, but it depends on available places
    10 Transportation – possibilities
  • Monthly ticket about 50 €.
  • Sometimes workers buy a car together and commute at their own expense
  • Apartments are located between 0,5 km and 25 km from the factory
  1. Clothing
  • Provided by employer
  1. What are the prohibitions for workers?
  • In the facility:
    Anti-social behavior (loud music, beating, stealing, vandalism), drug use, alcohol use disorderly conduct.
  • At work:
    Employees receive specialized training, strict hygiene standards

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