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5 Easy Ways To Get Portugal Citizenship

Today’s topic: Citizenship of Portugal

Portugal is one of the developed countries of the world. ‘Sea daughter country’ means that if you can become a citizen of Portugal you will have many opportunities. Which will make your life easy and beautiful. According to the Global Passport Rankings of 25, you can travel without a visa in that country. Accordingly, Portugal’s passport is now at number 7. As natural beauty as Portugal is, Portugal is also known as the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ in Europe. For those who are trying to get a passport in Portugal and want to get a citizenship in Portugal, today I will share 5 ways through which you can get citizenship in Portugal very easily.

So let’s take a look at the 5 easy ways to get citizenship in Portugal!

1) Citizenship of Portugal by Being a legal immigrant in Portugal

The easiest and best way is to become a legal immigrant in Portugal, that is, to gain citizenship in Portugal by living legally in Portugal. In other countries in Europe where there are strict policies on immigrants, Portugal continues the process of providing residency in the simplest terms for immigrants who enter in a legitimate way. If you live legally in Portugal for 5 years then you will get citizenship of Portugal. Anyone who wishes again can apply for citizenship after 5 years and in Portugal. Although it is not directly Portugal’s citizenship, it is equivalent to Portugal’s citizenship. Because to get citizenship in Portugal you have to follow some more rules. You must be over 6 years of age. You cannot hang any case within 5 years. And of course, you need to know Portuguese.

2) Citizenship of Portugal by Golden Visa

Investing in Portugal Anyone can get citizenship in Portugal. Investment can be made in different ways. Such as business, agricultural fields. However, the easiest way is to purchase a property. Provided that the property must be 500,000 euros or above and that property must be 5 years old. However, in the case of secondary category properties and the less populated areas, the cost may be between 250,000 and 500,00 euros. In the case of Golden Visa, you can apply for Permanent in Portugal after 5 years and after 5 years you can apply for citizenship in Portugal.

3) Citizenship of Portugal by Get married

If someone marries a Portuguese citizen, they can still apply for citizenship in Portugal after five years. However, that is not the year that Portugal has to live.

4) Adoption by Citizenship of Portugal

If the mother/father of Portugal adopts someone, he or she can get citizenship in Portugal. Those who must be adopted must be under the age of 5 years.

5) Family sources by Citizenship of Portugal

A child born to a parent will receive Portuguese citizenship only if the parents have a valid immigration permit. If your grandparents are Portuguese and their children mean your parents are not citizens of Portugal, you can still apply for citizenship in Portugal.

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