Canada will accept 1.2 million immigrants in three years

Over the next three years, Canada will gradually accept more than 1.2 million immigrants. The country has taken this plan to fill the labour market gap and recover economically by offsetting the loss of Covid-19. Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino made the remarks on Friday.

Marco Mendicino told reporters in Ottawa that the Canadian government was working to accept 4,000 lakhs of permanent immigrants in 2021, 4,000 11,000 in 2022, and an additional 4,000 lakhs 21,000 in 2023.

Immigration Minister Mendisino said Canada needs more migrant workers. Before the crown epidemic, the government set about boosting the economy through immigration. Now this topic has become very important.

Robert Falcona, an immigration and refugee policy researcher at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, tweeted Friday announcing the hiring of immigrant workers. “If the government hits that target, the next three years will be the highest since 1911,” he tweeted.

Ottawa says at length in the government plan that 2.32,500 migrants will have access to the economic category by 2021. Canada already has 1,3,500 family members, including 59,500 refugees. And Canada will take in another 5,000 people on humanitarian grounds.
Canada’s immigration system has long been a role model in the world. In the past, the country offered skilled workers, refugees and other sections of the population the opportunity to live with their families.

Covid-19 closed most borders to immigrants in March. According to a Reuters report, 1,28,425 people had entered the country in August, 342,000 fewer than the 2020 target.

In Covid-19 in Canada, 2 lakh 32,000 were identified. So far, 10,000 people have died from the corona virus in the country.

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