Why Study in the Uk 2021

Education from UK is affordable and high quality and it is internationally recognized. institutions in the UK have consistently ranked among the best in the world.

It has hundreds of years of vast teaching experience. Courses offered by universities are short and intensive. There are more than 130++ universities from which you can choose anyone. The facilities offered in the UK are great and world-class academic facilities. They have a huge spectrum of offers. It is a popular destination for Bangladeshi students. Students can work part-time for 20 hours per week while studying for degree courses. For diploma courses, they can work part-time 10 hours per week while studying. And 40 hours of full-time work per week on holidays are given to job students with scholarships and bars. It also offers discounts. Courses are offered with internships offered to students. Courses are also updated annually. The admission process in the UK is very simple and the process for a visa is also easy. In the UK only IELTS is required but admission is possible without IELTS.


The duration of studies in UK is shorter in comparison to other educational destinations in the world. For undergraduate, it is 3 years (4 years in Scotland), whereas, for the Postgraduate, it is 1 year.


The main semesters of UK universities are September and January. The minor semesters at UK universities are also March, April and November.

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