Scholarships In Germany

Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Comparing to other study destinations outside of Europe, German universities offer internationally recognized programs at a relatively cheaper cost. Besides this, it offers some of the best conditions to pursue a degree. That is why it has become an ideal destination for international students to study. Moreover, numerous programs offer students the opportunity to enjoy a significant number of available Scholarships in Germany for International Students.

Generally, opportunities can be categorized into three types.

I. Government-funded scholarships
II. Non-Government scholarships
III. University-specific scholarships

Scholarships for international students of all degree levels in Germany which you might find helpful are listed below:

1 Government-funded scholarships:

German Government provide fund for international students to study in German universities. Two government organizations, provide the fund to study in Germany are listed below:

I. Erasmus+: Erasmus+ which is run by the European Commission is the largest

provider of scholarships for international students to study in Europe. If a student is participating in an exchange program to study in Europe, it also provides their living cost.

II. DAAD Scholarships:

To study in Germany “The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers many scholarships for international students to study in Germany at various degree levels. It also provides scholarship opportunities for Bangladeshi students also at bachelors, masters or for PhD level students.

a) DAAD Scholarships for a bachelor degree:

In order to become eligible to apply for DAAD scholarship you have to:
• Pass the qualification assessment examination in Germany called Feststellungsprüfung.
• Successfully completing the first year of bachelor program from a recognized university.
• Successfully clearing the IIT Joint Entrance Examination for admission to courses in technology and natural science.
Process of applying:
Step 1: Collect general information from the DAAD, internet and brochures.
Step 2:
• Contact your selected universities
• Check the application deadline
Step 3:
• Send the application packet
• Make sure you have a valid passport
Step 4: Apply for a student visa

b) DAAD Scholarships for Master’s Degree:

DAAD also provides a scholarship opportunity for Bangladeshi students at a Master’s level.

Eligibility for applying for the degree:
• Knowledge of English and German
• Political and social engagement
• A convincing subject related description
• Personal motivation for the study project
You have to obtain your degree during six years before the application for the scholarship. You cannot apply for the scholarship if you are staying in Germany for more than 15 months.
Procedure to apply:
• Submit your application form
• Check the deadlines
• Fill the DAAD application form. Fill the form correctly by indicating your desired priority of study courses.
All expenses of 6-month German Language Course in Germany
• Tuition fee, health insurance, study and research subsidy, both way airfare
• Monthly stipend 750 Euro for two years
c) DAAD Scholarships for PhD Degree: DAAD also provides a scholarship opportunity for Bangladeshi students a PhD level. To be eligible for the program you have to:
• A research proposal in detail with a precise work schedule.
• First class Master’s degree. After 6 years the degree (M.A., M.SC., and M.Phil) will no longer be valid.
• German language skills are not mandatory for PhD. But if you are studying your PhD in English and it is not your first language then you have to prove your language proficiency through IELTS/TOEFL test.
At the time of application, the candidate should stay in Bangladesh. If s/he is staying in Germany for more than 15 months, s/he is not eligible to apply.
Procedure to apply:
• You have to submit your application only through the application portal
• Refer to the “Guidelines for online application procedure” on our website under the Scholarships and Funding section.
• Print 3 copies of the “application summary” and send them to the address mentioned in the Contact person and address section below after successful submission of the online application.(DAAD doesn’t consider incomplete application)
The deadline for submission of hard copies of the “application summary” is 1st October of each year
• Stipend of Euro 1000.00 per month
• A lump sum towards airfare from Bangladesh to Germany and back
• A study and research subsidy
• Spouse allowance* and additional rent subsidy**
• . 6 months German Language Course in Germany – free tuition, boarding, lodging plus pocket allowance during the period of the German language course in Germany (preceding studies/research)
• Compulsory health insurance covered by DAAD
• Exemption from payment of university tuition fees
• Financial support for field research

Non-Government scholarships:

International students can enjoy some non-government scholarships to study in Germany. They are the following:
I. Mawista Scholarship: Candidates who are a chasseing study in Germany while taking care of a child, it provides an opportunity for those.
II. The Helmholtz Association: It provides an opportunity to do paid research at a Helmholtz centre in Germany. It also offers fellowships for doctoral and post-doctoral students from around the world.
III. Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships: The fund is provided by the Bayer Foundation for those who are training to become educators in the field of science.
IV. Humboldt Research Fellowships for postdoctoral Researchers: It offers a postdoctoral scholarship opportunity for scientists and scholars of any subject and nationality.
V. Deutschland Stipendium: This scholarship is for the highly talented students who are enrolling at German universities. It provides merit-based scholarships 300 euro per month.
VI. Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship: It provides scholarships for postdoctoral research at a university in Berlin.
VII. Henrich Boll Scholarships for international students: Students who are wishing to study in Germany at an accredited institution this scholarship is for them.
VIII. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships: Students under 30 who have completed a university degree in their home country is provided monthly master’s and PhD scholarships
IX. Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for developing countries: It is considered as a paradise of scholarship for the students of a developing country who are wishing to conduct their postdoctoral research in Germany. It is funded by the European Commission.

University specific scholarships:

Some of the renowned universities of Germany provide some specific scholarship opportunity to international students. They are:
I. International Doctoral Positions at Graduate School of East and Southeast Studies: It provides scholarships for the international students to study at the graduate level.
II. Heidelberg University: It provides scholarship especially for the students of developing countries like ours to study medicine or dentistry.
III. FRIAS Cofund Fellowship Program: It provides scholarship on the research-level program.
IV. Humboldt University International Research Fellowships: It provides a scholarship opportunity for research-level students in history, anthropology, sociology, law, political science, economics, geography or area studies.
V. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Masters Scholarships: Provides scholarship opportunity for master’s level students for all subjects except design, public health and public management.
VI. RWTH Aachen University Scholarship: Provides fund to the national or international students.
VII. Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids: To study solid-state chemistry it provides a scholarship for Post-doctoral fellowships.
VIII. Ulm University Scholarships: It provides scholarships for international students who are nearing graduation according to the need of the candidates. But it offers funding for only one semester.
IX. Universität Hamburg Merit Scholarships: It provides scholarships for all outstanding international students of all degree level and subjects.
X. Kafi Annan MBA Scholarships: Provides scholarship opportunity up to five international students to study a one-year MBA from developing countries.
XI. KAAD Scholarships: It provides a Scholarship opportunity for Master’s or PhD level students from developing countries (Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa). But the students have to have German language skills and be of Catholic-Cristian denomination.
XII. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Doctoral Tuition Waivers: Students Studying an English- language program at Frankfurt within finance, mathematics, accounting, mathematics and business it provides tuition waiver scholarships for the students at the doctoral level.

Though the course you are taking is in English, you have to demonstrate exceptional German skills to be eligible for this scholarship. Along with the health insurance costs, scholarship holders will get a monthly amount, considering the level of the degree.

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