meat packing job in romania

Packaging Worker Meat Factory


Do you describe yourself as a true hiker who is not afraid of hard physical work? Are you not working in a cold environment? Then you are the perfect candidate.


You work for an international food company that produces many different meat products (pork).

In the packaging department, all cut meat must be sorted and packaged. Some positions are difficult. In this section, you will find all positions. The meat has to be sorted mainly inboxes. These boxes weigh up to 20kg when you need to move them. Always pay attention to quality. It will take a few days to learn this position.


  • · Can work hard physically
  • · Minimum length 1m75
  • · You can speak/communicate fluently in English
  • · You agree to process raw meat with
  • You don’t bother to work in a cold environment (7 degrees on average)
  • · Ready for the following shifts: 5:30 am to 2:30 pm or 2:12 pm to 10:24 pm
  • · The advantage is the production experience
  • · You can come up with a good code of conduct


  • · If you wish, we can arrange accommodation near you
  • · Transportation to and from work by bike or car if you live in SBA residences
  • · Personal and administrative support in Dutch, English, Polish and Romanian
  • · The work in this company is structural work
  • · Surcharge for the exchange

Are you interested? Don’t wait any longer and submit your resume + motivation by clicking the app button. For more information, please contact our office on +31 (0) 13 464 8920.


26 thoughts on “Packaging Worker Meat Factory”

  1. Good afternoon dear sir /madam
    I am interested too work. In Romania. have work experience in those area. Delivery driver 2 years.and forklift operator. Any opportunity please. I hope your consideration for me..
    Thank you very much for taking the time view the Email

  2. Shahriar bin fahim

    Sir, come on, you’re fine. My name is Shahriar bin Fahim, I am from Bangladesh .. Sir I want to work in your company

      1. Shahriar bin fahim

        Sir, come on, you’re fine. My name is Shahriar bin Fahim, I am from Bangladesh .. Sir I want to work in your company

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  4. Shahriar bin fahim

    Good afternoon dear sir / madam
    I am very interested in work. Romania. No work experience in this case. Any chance please. I hope you consider for me ..
    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this email

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  8. Hello sir . I’m mohammed Nazrul from Bangladesh. I’m 5years working in Malaysia . I can hard working and long time.. so please hiring me

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