9 Most unknown facts about Italy

1 Italy! Italy is called the country of dreams. Italy has made its mark in the history of human civilization not only for the Roman Empire, but also for the influence of its ancient art and science practices on the world today, and it cannot be denied as long as there are people. let’s know today 9 Most unknown facts about Italy.

2 The word tile comes from Italy. This means the land of cubs. The bull was probably the symbol of the ancient southern Italian tribes. In fact, the present southern part of Italy was called Italia. Which the Greeks later began to call by this name throughout more places.

3 Italy has a total area of ​​31340 sq km and is surrounded by France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and some islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

4 Italy is currently 23rd in terms of population and according to 2018, the total population of the country is 6 crore 4 lakh 36 thousand 469 people. And 201 people live in every square kilometre of the country.

5 By the year 2000, Italy was famous for having the second-best health care in the world. As a result, life expectancy in Italy is 85 years for girls and 80 years for boys. But in Italy, where the epidemic Coronavirus has spread around the world, despite the improved medical system, most people have died so far in Italy.

6 Chess is played with live people in a city in Italy. The city is popular for playing chess with people. This game is hundreds of years old.

7 It is difficult to distinguish between football and Italy. Football is the favourite sport of the people here. So the Italian National Football Team is on the list of the most successful teams in the history of the Football World Cup. Although Italy did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Italy’s success story will continue in the future as it did in the past.

8 The crime rate in Italy is much higher. So these criminals affect the economy of the country in different ways. Like Dubai, the Italian police are also popular for using their expensive cars. The world’s most expensive car companies, such as Lamborghini, use the police force here.

9 We often see Italian food practices on TV or in various magazines. So they are proud of their food. They think that they taught the Europeans to cook. They also claim that they have the credit of introducing the world to ice cream and coffee through the Chinese. Again, the French taught how to make French fries. Italians have been introduced to good food for a long time. Parmesan cheese is first made in Parma, Italy. Italian pizza and pasta are the favourite food of the world.

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