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How to get Portugal visa from Turkey

To use a Portugal visa from Turkey, you must have a legitimate Turkish residence Permit. Your residence permit needs to stand a minimum of 3 more months after your return from Portugal. – If your residence authorization is not valid for 3 more months, please call them after you renewed it. If you are not residing in Turkey or do not have a legitimate Turkish home permit, you can discover where you can look for a visa from this weblink: link

To obtain an appointment please send an e-mail to sconsular.ankara@mne.pt.

A kind reminder, there are only Turkish, English, and also Portuguese speaking stuff, if you don´t understand any one of them, you require to bring a translator and all the records need to be translated right into English or Portuguese by a vouched translator. If you are posting likely to bring a translator, you require to write his/her name with your verification email.

All records have to be converted into English or Portuguese by a vouched translator. Your application can not be approved without missing out on papers. Your records need to be totally according to the list below. If you come to your appointment with missing papers, they will decline and also you will certainly have to get a brand-new visit. Please do not feature missing out on papers.

If you are not a Turkish person, to apply for a Portugal visa from Turkey Embassy in Ankara, you require to have a legitimate residence license in Turkey. This info as well as the appointment is just for Ankara Portugal Embassy Consular Area. If you are staying in Istanbul, you apply from the Istanbul Hungarian Consular office, to obtain details, please contact them.

Portugal visa from Turkey applications may take 2 weeks to be finalized, for some nation nationalities, the visa procedure may take greater than 2 weeks up to 1 or 2 months. Schengen Visa application Records:

  1. Application Form: Extra paper finished for each candidate as well assigned by the candidate (need to be signed by both guardians for youngsters).
    For minors (under the age of 18): The guardian/guardians need to make an application. In case of a separation, the guardianship choice has to be submitted. The application has to be authorized by. both guardians.
  2. Photo: 2 untouched photographs in conformity with biometric features (must not. be older than 6 months as well as measurements have to be 35×45 mm).
  3. Invitation letter from Portugal – for Portugal visa from Turkey On the letter the address of the Company/University, the. name last name of the candidate and also the inviting dates have to be written.
  4. In case of participating in political, economical, scientific, cultural, religious, or sporting activity occasions, evidence enrolment in the event ought to be presented.
  5. Files about the resort appointment or itinerary. Evidence of lodging, hotel. appointment or “regard to responsibility.
    ( https://www.ancara.embaixadaportugal.mne.pt/images/TERMOFRESPONSABILITY.pdf).”. If the keep is with a member of the family, proof of kinship should be made and it may be. solicited the evidence of the conditions of accommodation. If the subscriber of the “term of. duty” is Portuguese, he/she should submit the xerox of his/her ticket. copy, in case the subscriber of the “term of obligation” is not Portuguese, he/she. must submit lawful documental circumstances in Portugal (the copy of residence permit).and also the current bank extract for the last 3 months;
  6. Income papers: Documents showing how the expenditures incurred while spent. in Portugal will certainly be birthed;
    a. Bank account statements for the last 3 months (The balance of the bank extract must. be at least: (40xnumber of days you will certainly stay in Portugal) +75 Euro) – The financial institution. removes have to be original, signed, and sealed by the bank authorities.
    b. Pay-roll for the past 3 months,
    c. If you are receiving a scholarship, proof of scholarship with a recent date and bank. account declarations for the last 3 months.
    d. If another person is going to be an enroller for you, the authorized statement from the. sponsor, the proof of kinship between you and also your enroller, hir/her recent income. settlements for the last 3 months and also his/her current bank essences for the last 3 months. The. equilibrium of the bank essence should go to the very least: (40xnumber of days you will stay in. Portugal) +75 Euro – The bank extracts must be original, signed, and sealed by the. financial institution authorities.
  7. If you are a foreign student, you have to bring records that evidence your revenue in Turkey. ( Please check article 6).
  8. Traveling Health Insurance: It needs to contend the very least 30,000 Euros protection as well as it should be. legitimate in all Schengen nations. Both the original and also copy of the traveling health and wellness. insurance plans have to be submitted. The original duplicate of the traveling medical insurance.
    has to birth a damp signature and also a stamp. Insurance policies that consist of exceptions for. specific circumstances or limit the insurance coverage or claim specific problems connected to health care that. raise the contribution share, will not be approved. – – The traveling health insurance needs to. cover 1 day before and 1 day after your traveling.
  9. for a Portugal visa from Turkey need Your Turkish residence permit as well as its photocopy. The credibility guideline is the same as the. key. You must provide a real home authorization card, the application form. the extension is not appropriate. If you are waiting for your home authorization card, you must apply. after you received it.
  10. Key: It needs to stand at the very least for 3 months after the expiry day of the requested visa. The ticket must not be older than ten years (extensions can not be accepted) and it has to. contend the very least two vacant pages. Photocopies of the tinted web page of the passport as well as yours. visas (Schengen, EU, United Kingdom, UNITED STATES, and also Canada) issued throughout the last 3 years. Old tickets, which have expired, need to likewise be sent during the application.
  11. Flight booking (round-trip) or records relating to other means of transportation is necessary for a Portugal visa from Turkey.
  12. Visa fee: Schengen visa fee is 60 Euros in Turkish Lira, it is free for children under 6 years. old, the visa charge for kids between 6-12 years of age is 35 Euro in TRY. You require to pay.
    the visa fee in cash as TRY.

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