Germany Tourist or Visit Visa in 2021

How to get Germany Tourist or Visit Visa in 2021

In addition to Bamberg Old Town Hall, Schwerin Castle, Nuremberg Christmas Market, Oktoberfest, Cologne Cathedral, Germany’s fascinating tourist spots have always attracted tourists from around the world. But entering Germany is not easy for everyone. If you also want to visit or visit your family or friends in Germany for less than three months, you will need a Schengen visa. But who needs a tourist visa? How to get a Germany Tourist or Visit Visa in 2021? Where to apply for a visa? Suffering from various worries? Don’t worry. Read the article carefully. Hope you get all your questions answered.

What is a Tourist Visa?

German Tourist / Shenzhen Visa is a visa established by the Schengen State that allows its carrier to travel to 26 other countries, including Schengen, in addition to German. It is affixed on the passport of the traveller like a sticker. This visa can only be used for the purpose for which it was obtained. For example, to visit or visit your family or friends living in Germany.

Note: If you want to go to Germany for any reason other than the above, such as for study, business or work, this visa will not be valid for you.

Who needs a tourist visa:

Anyone wishing to travel to Germany must obtain a visa before travelling to Germany if they are residents of third world countries. Moreover, more people who need a tourist visa

  • Countries that do not have agreements with Schengen member countries.
  • And countries that have agreements with Schengen member countries but have been barred from entering Germany visa-free by travelling border guards.

How to get a Germany Tourist or Visit Visa in 2021:

To get a tourist visa you need to follow the following application process correctly.

  • Necessary documents have to be collected.
  • Find out where to apply.
  • Must apply for an interview.
  • Visa fee must be paid
  • Must participate in the interview.
  • Wait for the response of the application.

What documents are required to apply for a visa:

As in other parts of the world, some documents are required to obtain a visa to Germany. They are as follows:

  • Forms completed in English or German.
  • Your passport size photo.
  • Valid passport.
  • Personal bank statement for the past three months.
  • Shenzhen Travel Insurance.
  • Evidence of settlement of residence.
  • Evidence of flight reservation.
  • Approval collected from own educational institution or workplace.
  • You have to write a cover letter mentioning why you want to go to Germany, how long you want to stay, what to do when you go to Germany, etc.
  • Invitation letter to anyone you want to meet in Germany.
  • Citizenship Certificate.

Where to apply for a visa:

If you want to go to Germany as a tourist, you can:
German Embassy in Bangladesh
German Consulate or
You have to apply at the Visa Center.

When to apply for a visa:

When you want to go to Germany, it is best to apply for a visa for at least six months in advance. If not possible, at least fifteen days in advance. But my advice is that it is safe to apply for a visa at least three weeks in advance. Because the visa process takes time.
Visa Fee: In 2020 you will have to pay 80 Euros for a tourist visa. For some countries, it may be more or less. Isn’t it wise to check the list of countries before paying the fee?
How long does it take to process a visa: It usually takes 10 days to process a tourist visa. However, it may take more time. Since every embassy has to process a large number of visas and some more visas besides business are of special importance. So the tourist visa process normally takes a little longer. That is why you are advised to apply as soon as possible.
The maximum duration of a tourist visa is three months. Don’t forget to dream of having a happy day in Germany or the EU after your visa expires. If caught, you can be banned in those countries for life. Best wishes for your trip to Germany. But don’t forget to come back and share beautiful moments. ঃ-)

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