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How to get a student visa in Turkey 2021

Turkey’s education system is recognized as equal to that of many developed countries in the world. Turkey’s higher education system is much better than many countries in the European Union. Therefore, students from countries like Bangladesh want to study in Turkey. If you are one of them, today’s post is for you.

Why go to Turkey to study?

As Turkey is the junction of Asia and Europe, international relations, public administration or other subjects of social sciences including political science are of great importance. Apart from that, this country, known in history as ancient Central-Anatolia or Constantinople, has a rich and practical education in general history, Islamic history and archaeology. The education system of this country is very standard in medical and engineering subjects. In addition, as all universities in Turkey are part of the European Union, students have the opportunity to study at universities in different countries of the European Union under Erasmus Mundus.

What topics can you read about?

There are more than 600 subjects to study in Turkey. In addition to obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree in these subjects, a PhD can be done. The subjects you can pursue in higher education in Turkey are: Electronics and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Architectural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering. Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Applied Mathematics, Information and Communication Technologies, Robotics, Accounting and Finance, Fashion and Textiles Design, Film and Media Studies etc

Which university will you study ?

All universities in Turkey are standard. But some of the best universities are,

1 Middle East Technical University, Ankara
2 Bouazisi University, Istanbul
3 Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul
4 Ankara University, Ankara
5 Gazi University, Ankara
6 Marmara University, Istanbul
7 Istanbul University
8 Anadolu University, Eskiেehir
9 Hajitepe University, Ankara
10 Egge University, Izmir
11 Dokuz Ailul University, Izmir

How much will it cost?

It doesn’t cost a fortune to study in Turkey. However, there is no opportunity to do a part-time job here.

The first visit to Turkey costs a maximum of two to three lakh rupees, including airfare. The university then spends a maximum of-500-1,000 a year for two semesters, according to tuition fees. And the monthly cost is 200-250 dollars. However, it depends on the quality of the student’s life journey.

Is any scholarship given?

he Turkish government provides scholarships to more than 5,000 foreign students each year. In addition, various social and service organizations offer students from different countries the opportunity to study in Turkey with scholarships. Various private universities offer full or partial scholarships. However, in this case, you have to keep in mind, you have to study in Turkish when applying for a scholarship.

Keep an eye on this website for scholarships.

What are the qualifications to apply to the university?

1 The maximum age for Honors application is 21 years, maximum 30 years for Masters, maximum of 35 years for PhD.
2 If you want to study through English (IELTS) score of 5.5-6.5 (to apply for the scholarship you need to study in Turkish. No worries about this. Usually all 3 Turkish universities offer Turkish in the beginning)
3 At least 50% marks in the academic examination.
4 Higher Secondary Degree (to apply for Bachelor Degree)
5 Honors Degree from University (to apply for a Masters Degree)
6 Masters Degree from University (to apply for PhD Degree)

What documents are required to apply?

1 Scanned copy of Passport / National ID Card / Birth Registration Certificate (translated into English)
2 Recent passport size photos
3 All academic certificates
4 All academic mark sheets
5 Two reference letters. In this case, it is better to be the departmental chairman and professor of the university (in case of master’s and PhD degree).
6 All certificates of extracurricular activities
7 Publications for Masters and PhD Degrees (if any)

All the above documents should be translated into Turkish and scanned copy should be ready

What to do to apply for a visa?

You are ready to apply for a visa as soon as you receive the university tuition fee or get a soft copy of the tuition fee from the bank. Now you need to apply for a visa.

In this case you can apply in two ways. One online and the other at the Turkish Embassy in Gulshan, Dhaka.

To apply online, visit here.

university in Istanbul

Documents required for visa

1 Soft copy of the offer letter received from the university.
2 Visa fees.
3 Payment copy of tuition fee.
4 Completed Study Permit Application Form (Including Family Details).
5 Passport.
6 All your academic papers.
7 Four passport size photos.
8 Evidence that you have adequate financial support to cover the cost of living, eating and studying while in Turkey.
9 You are not involved in any kind of terrorist activities, his credentials.
10 Medical report as proof that you are perfectly healthy.
11 While in Turkey, you will not be involved in any kind of terrorist activities, his pledge.

Address of the Turkish Embassy in Bangladesh
House No-6, Road No-2, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212

Phone: 822198, 813297, 623537 Fax: 62373



This is the detailed information about going to study in Turkey. But why the delay? Start sitting in the country of your choice without sitting down.

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