How to Apply for Master’s in Germany

How to Apply for Master’s in Germany

Students, those who are planning to get a Master’s Degree from abroad, Germany is one of the most popular options for them. They are going to get an opportunity for choosing from a wide range of master’s degrees from different renowned universities in Germany. Master’s degree in Germany is categorized in two types: 1) Consecutive 2) Non-consecutive

1) Consecutive: Consecutive programs are designed to build on the academic knowledge a student gained during a related bachelor’s degree.

2) Non-consecutive: Non-consecutive focuses greatly on professional development. It often requires from applicants to have both an undergraduate degree and some work experience related to the subject.

Most master’s degrees take two years (four semesters) to complete in Germany. Some of them are shorter or longer.

Steps for applying masters in Germany: Affordable cost of living and studying, excellent future prospects, award-winning curriculums, variety of programs are the reasons for choosing to conduct masters in Germany. Here are the steps you need to take if you are dreaming of being a part of German universities to complete master’s degree:

  1. Find a suitable university and a desired program: If you are desiring to conducts masters in Germany, you need to consider the study modules, the location of the university, tuition fees. As you have countless options available, so you need to process with the selection of university and master’s program which will perfectly match with your desire.
  2. Check the requirements: After setting your target, you need to check the requirements for the course of your choice, German universities generally offer an access to this information from their official websites. Stay careful in this stage. Because there are various entry requirements applied within the same university.
  3. Language proficiency: In order to get admitted into German universities, you need to have a strong knowledge, either in English or in German Language to communicate and understand the class lecture. If you want to improve your language proficiency, you must undertake standardized test prior to your application. Language proficiency level varies depending on your chosen course or chosen university. If your program is in English, then you will not require proficiency in German. But the non-native speaker may still be require to take an English language test (IELTS/TOEFEL). If your program is in German, you may require to sit a recognized German language test)
  4. Submit your application: After collecting all the required documents and checking everything over and over again, submit your application for the master’s degree course in Germany. You can apply through Internet by using the means of an online application platform. Most universities of Germany use a multiple platform known as
  5. Wait for the admission letter: Take a deep breath now. Because at this point your job is done and allow the university to complete its part of the job.
  6. Get health insurance: Every foreign student living in Germany is bound to be health insured. Most international students in Germany like DR-WALTER to get their health insured. Before the confirmation from your university of your place in the master’s course, it’s better to prepare for this stage. With a view to saving your time, do collect information about the procedures of getting a health insurance and arrange all documents.
  7. Get your finance: A foreign student who is studying in Germany needs to have at least €853 per month or €10,236 as proof of financial resources per year to cover himself while in Germany, according to the German government’s estimation. If you fail to possess this amount of money, you won’t be permitted to get a student visa and study for a master’s degree in Germany.
  8. Get a German student Visa: Students from Bangladesh who are willing to get a master’s degree from Germany, s/he will need to apply for a visa before arrival in Germany; via the nearest German Embassy. Those already accepted onto a program can apply for a studentvisa. An applicant visa will be needed, if they are awaiting confirmation or sitting entrance exams. Apply for visa as early as possible, why? It may take several months for visas to be issued. A valid passport, health insurance, proof of adequate funds to cover living expenses and confirmation from a German university that an application is in process or completed will be asked to the visa applicants.

Requirements for Bangladeshi students to get visa for Germany: In order to enter and livein Germany as a non-EU studentseveryone requires a visa. This rule is applicable for Bangladeshi students also. In accordance with the nationality and study program, visa requirements may differ from one candidates to candidates. The followings are the visa requirements which may be demanded by the German Embassy:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Photocopy of your passport (two copies)
  • Recent passport size photograph. ( Up to 3)
  • Duly filled and signed national visa application form.
  • Your certificate of marriage( if applicable)
  • Your child’s birth certificate( if applicable)
  • University admission conformation letter.
  • Language proficiency certificatein English language (IELTS/TOEFEL) etc.
  • German language proficiency certificate (if study medium is German).
  • Bank statement ( contains sufficient funds to cover your cost of living and tuition fees)  living)
  • Post academic work and achievement certificates.
  • Health insurance documents.

They are the general information which may be required by German embassy for the student visa of Bangladeshi applicants.

Every year, agood number of international students choose to do master’s in Germany. Excellent quality of education, no tuition fees, promising career opportunity and above all the vibrant special and cultural background are the main reasons for choosing Germany to study. So, if you are planning to complete your master’s in Germany, just go for it!

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