How to Apply for Bachelors in Germany

How to Apply for Bachelors in Germany

Germany is considered as a paradise to study and it is renowened for the quality of education it provides. A good number of students apply in Germany every year with a view to achieving a bachelor’s degree. German universities are desirable to the students all over the world because provide an excellent quality of education, low/no tution fees, social securities and career opportunities after graduation. A bachelor’s  degree come right after higher secondary level. In Germany every university sets their own vriteria for admitting students.

Kinds of bachelor programmes German universities offer: Along with a wide range of study program German universities offer two kinds of bachelor program. They are:

  1. English as a medium of instruction
  2. German as a medium of instruction.

The good news is a comprehensive database of all study program is also available. That means, you may enjoy the opportunity to study in both German and English.

How to apply for undergraduate courses or bachelor’s degree in Germany: Germany should be one of your top choices if you are planning to go after your undergraduate degree abroad. German universities provide an excellent quality of education and its colleges provide the opportunity to implement what you learnt in the workplace.

Criteria for being eligible for undergraduate courses in Germany: If you are interested in studying in Germany, you have to pass some eligibility criteria which is required by the universities of Germany. The eligibility criteria are listed below. Please take a look.

  • University entrance qualification: The first thing to be eligible to study in Germany is the university entrance qualification. This certificate you receive after completing your entire schooling. You may be required to complete a foundation course, if your school leaving certificate is considered to be insufficient.
  • German language skills: If you wish to gain admission into an undergraduate course, speaking German is compulsory for most universities.
  • English language test: This test is compulsory for those students, whose first language is not English. You can take IELTS/TOEFL as the English tests.
  • Aptitude test: In order to cope with the demand of German universities, you could try taking the ““Test für Ausländische Studierende” (TestAS)” which comprises of three sections: yhe language test, the core test and subject-specific test modules.
  • Proof of financial resources: You have to submit a document as a proof of final resources, if you are applying for your visa or residence permit and you are bound to submit the document if you wish to study in Germany.
  • Visa and residence permit: If you are a non-EU or non-EEA student wishing to study in Germany, you must have to get a student visa or residence permit in order to stay and study in Germany.

Process of Admission for the undergraduate courses in Germany: The bachelor degree of Germany will open your doors towards your future career and academic pathway, as the degree is equipped you with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of your professional field. If you want to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Germany you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the university and the Bachelor program: First of all you need to decide at which university you are wishing to enroll in and which bachelor’s program is ideal for you. You need to consider two things before choosing a university and a Bachelor’s program.
  2. The university and its location.
  3. The content of the course.
  4. Check the requirements: After choosing a university and a study program, you must need to find out the entry requirements. Every university set their own requirement depending on the study program you choose. The following are the major requirements for applying for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany.
    • Alltranscripts issued by previous education institutions.
    • Language proficiency certificatein English language (IELTS/TOEFEL) etc.
    • Higher secondary certificate.
    • German language proficiency certificate.
    • Application form (filled by candidate correctly).
    • Passed university entrance exam (if required).
  5. Learn German language: The majority of Bachelor’s program is in German language. So, to be admitted you need to show your proficiency in the German language.
  6. Prepare financial means: In order to handle the cost of living and studying, international students are required to have enough financial means to study in Germany.
  7. Submit your application: It’s time to apply for your suitable course. In this stage, you have to collect all the documents for an application and check them over and over again before submitting the application.
  8. Wait for the admission letter: At this point, you have nothing to do except waiting. If the university confirms that it has received your application, sit back and wait.
  9. Get health insurance: For every international students, health insurance is mandatory. Once you receive the admission letter, you must seek to get health insurance.
  10. Get a student visa: Congratulations! You have entered the final stage of your application for a Bachelor’s degree. Every non-EU and non-EEA mustget a visa to study in Germany. Visa applicant may ask to submit the following documents:
    • Your birth certificate
    • Photocopy of your passport (two copies)
    • Recent passport size photograph. ( Up to 3)
    • Duly filled and signed national visa application form.
    • Your certificate of marriage( if applicable)
    • Your child’s birth certificate( if applicable)

If you can speak proper German, you will enjoy the opportunity to study in German public universities without any tuition fees. Besides this, you are allowed to work 240 half/ 120 full days there as a part-time job. So, why are you wasting your time? If you are planning to study abroad, just go for it and enjoy those German opportunities.

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