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Canada global talent stream: get a work permit just 50 days

Canada global talent stream: get a work permit just 50 days. how does it work? The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is a two-year pilot program launched in June 2017 as part of a partnership between Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). GTS supports some Canadian employers in recruiting highly skilled talent from around the world to compete internationally. Employers who have successfully completed the program can accelerate the overseas recruitment process thanks to the Global Skill Strategy.

Category A.

The category is aimed at employers who have been recommended by one of the 45 partners listed by GTS and would like to hire unique and distinctive foreign talent.

Employee requirements

  • Advanced knowledge of your field;
  • advanced training;
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment: LMIA may be required (some positions are not required, for example research banks and some NOC 0 or A businesses).
  • At least 5 years of specialized work experience in the field; Y
  • A minimum salary of at least $ 80,000.

Category B

To apply for Category B of the global talent stream, employers must place highly qualified foreign talent for positions in businesses on the global talent pool.

NOC Code Seizure
0213 IT and Information Systems Manager
2,147 computer engineers (excluding software engineers and designers)
2,161 * A subgroup of mathematicians and statisticians

  • Registration for actuaries or related businesses is excluded from this subgroup.
    2171 Information Systems Analysts and Advisors
    2172 Database Analyzer and Data Administrator
    2173 Programmer and Designer
    2174 computer programmer and interactive media producer
    2,175 web designers and developers
    2,281 computer network technician
    2283 Information Systems Technician Tested

You can start submitting a GTS application as soon as the employer confirms that you qualify for one of the two streams. The application form is available on the GTS website and can be submitted online, by post or by fax. It is necessary to record information about the employer, foreign employee and job offer, including salary and benefits.

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  1. I’m ashadul islam and i work at drydocks world in dubai as a febricator.i realy want go to canada.there any Opportunity for apply for canada work permit.please give an idea how to ally and geting visa.

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