German Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

German Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

Germany is becoming one of the most popular study destinations among the students all over the world. If you are one of them, you will need to get a German student visa before coming to Germany to study. You will need a Schengen visa if you want to study there for up to three months and you will need a German national visa if you want to study there for more than three months. You have to extend your stay by getting a German residence permit at the Foreigner’s office if you enter Germany with a national visa.

Types of German student visa: For Academic studies or language courses in Germany, there are 3 different types of visas you can apply. They are the following:

  • Type 1: German student applicant visa: If you need to be in Germany to apply for university admission in person, you will need this visa. It will not permit you to study in Germany. It’s valid only for the university application process. Its duration is only for three months and if you have not get admitted into university. After admission, you have to convert it a resident permit for student purposes at the office for foreigner’s affairs as soon as possible.
  • Type 2: Student visa: It’s the visa for international students who are already admitted to a German university and are ready to start their studies at a full-time university program. The duration of the student visa is 1 year. If you want to achieve this visa, you have to submit proof of admission and financial support for the duration of study.
  • Type 3: Language course visa: If you wish to study for a language course in Germany, you will need this visa. But you will not get any chance to convert this visa into a student visa. The duration of the visa is only for the duration of the course.

German student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students: The requirements for the German student visa varies, depending upon the students profile. The followings are the most important requirements during German student visa:

  1. Passport: You will need your valid national passport with a validity of at least 12 months. The date of departure must be mentioned there. You will also need at least two blank pages for visa stamp.
  2. Photo specification: You will need your recent biometric passport photographs. (size: 35mm x 45mm, up to 3 copies)
  3. Visa application form: Duly filled out national visa application forms with you sign and date will be needed.
  4. Covering letter: You will need a covering letter with the details of applicants, passport details, travel details and the details of mentioning who will bear the expenses.
  5. Receipt of tuition fees payment (if require) : You will need the payment receipt which is the proof of payment that you have made to the institution where you are going to study.
  6. Confirmation of enrollment (scholarship certificate if applicable): You will need the original letter from the university or your educational institution that will confirm your admission and will mention the duration of your course.
  7. Academic Documents: You need to submit all your academic documents to the Embassy.
  8. Evidence of earlier education: For the application of bachelor’s degree you need to submit your original school-leaving certificate. For the application of Master’s or PhD studies you have to submit your degree certificate.
  9. Health insurance: The documents of health insurance covering the hole study period is also needed.
  10. Birth certificate: You will need an original copy of your registration birth certificate.
  11. Police clearance: An original copy of police clearance certificate is also needed.
  12. Accommodation details: You must need to show your accommodation details if you already have confirmed where you will be studying.
  13. Financial Means: All applicants have to provide the total sum of 10,236 Euro deposit confirmation at a German blocked bank account from the 1st September 2019 (date of the submission of the application) along with the following documents:
  • Bank Gurantee(Issued to you by a recognized German bank).
  • Scholarship awarding Certificate( showing the amount of costs it covers)
  • Letter of commitment by a German resident (this letter is taken by the German resident who is going to cover your costs during your study at the Alien’s registration office).
  • Letter of commitment and evidence of your parent’s financial assets and income records.

14. Certificate of language proficiency: You have to submit the certificate of German language proficiency (if required, but only for PhD degree it’s not required by any university) or the certificate of English language proficiency TOEFL/IELTS (as English is not your first language)

You may need to submit some other documents like: Your Marriage certificate(if applicable), Your child’s birth certificate( if applicable), previous Schengen visa, Previous German resident permit. You have to pay the fee 75 Euro for the Germany student visa also.

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