5 Ways To Find A Job In Italy 2020

5 ways to Find a Job in Italy 2020

Italy is best known as a vacation destination Find a Job in Italy. With its 7,500 kilometres of coastline (mostly beaches), majestic mountains, impressive cities and breathtaking landscapes, it is by definition a place to spend time doing nothing but enjoying all. And let’s not talk about food and wine!

For some people, these are all good reasons to move to Find a Job in Italy and start a new life there. Especially if they also have an Italian partner. But how do you work as a foreigner in Italy? Where should you start looking for work or Find a Job in Italy?

1 What do I need to work in Italy?


To be able to work in Italy as a foreigner, you must act in accordance with Italian immigration laws, which vary according to nationality:

EU citizens: EU citizens have very few qualifications to find work and start their life in Italy.
Non-European citizens: it is more difficult for non-European citizens because they need a work permit.
In either case, it is best to learn Italian, at least at an intermediate level, as many Italians, especially older ones, do not speak English or a language other than their own (and possibly a dialect) before starting to look for work. Highly skilled jobs in certain scientific and technical fields are an exception, as English can be accepted as a working language.

1- How to Find a Job in Italy as an EU citizen in Italy ?

All EU citizens have the right to free movement in all EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland , Italy, Latvia. , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden.

This means that EU citizens have the right to settle and work in Italy without special permission. Even if they still have to deal with a certain bureaucracy. To be hired in Italy you will need:

A valid identity document (passport or identity card).
A tax code (“tax code”), a unique identifier based on your full name, place of birth and date of birth. It is used for a variety of things, from filing a residency application to obtaining a library card. Obtaining this tax code is pretty straightforward, especially compared to other bureaucratic operations in Italy, and good news! – it is also completely free.
All you need to do is go to your local tax office and apply. You will immediately receive your code. There are even websites where you can calculate your social security number ahead of time in case you’re curious.

As I said, EU citizens have the right to free movement, but they still have to apply for residency in Italy if they want to live in the country for more than three months.

2- How to Find a Job in Italy as a non-EU citizen

It will be more difficult for non-European citizens. However, working in Italy as an American is much easier than working as someone from Asia or Africa, as non-European immigrants are usually treated differently depending on their nationality.

Either way, everyone needs the following:

Visa – A visa is issued for a specific purpose. Therefore, there are several types: tourist visa, student visa, work visa, etc. It has an expiration date and defines the length of your stay in the country. If you have a Schengen visa, you do not need it to enter Italy.

Residence permit (residence permit): within eight days of entering Italy, you must apply for a residence permit, which is the most important document for a non-EU citizen in Italy. The permit reflects your visa (so you will get a student permit if you have a student visa, a work permit if you have a work visa, etc.) and must be obtained from the local police headquarters.

Depending on the type of permit you need, you will need to apply for it at the post office or directly at the police station. As this is a complex subject, we recommend that you contact your local union office or association for more information. The deadlines for issuing a residence permit can vary considerably, from a few weeks to several months. In the meantime, you should keep the receipt they gave you.

2 What you need to know Find a Job in Italy ?

Italy is one of the most developed countries in the world. However, it faces a serious economic crisis which is far from being resolved. This means that the labor market is smaller than in other EU countries and that the unemployment rate is higher (9.7% since summer 2018). In addition, undeclared work is widespread in Italy, with at least 3.3 million workers.

Italian law guarantees everyone the same rights in the labor market. There are many different types of contracts that an employer can offer you. These are the most common:

Contract of indefinite duration (contract of indefinite duration): contract without expiry date. It can be full or part time.
Fixed-term contract (CDD): contract with an expiry date beyond which it may or may not be extended according to the wishes of the employer and the employee. It can be full or part-time.
Intermediate supply contract (supply contract): the contract between the employee and an agency (temporary) which makes employees available to companies for a short period.
Waiting contract (on-call contract): a contract without a fixed number of hours. The employer may require the employee to work on short notice depending on the requirements of the company.
Apprenticeship contract (apprenticeship contract): if you are under 29, you can be hired as an apprentice to learn a trade. This type of contract usually lasts between six months and three years.

3 What are the most popular jobs in Italy?

Is it difficult to find work in Italy?

If you have highly valued skills and a good level of Italian and English, you probably won’t have a problem finding work in Italy.

For example, finding marketing jobs in Italy is quite easy if you have experience in the industry. This also applies to engineering, IT, management, etc. You can also find good options if you are a skilled worker. For example, Modena, Italy has many jobs if you have skills and experience that can be useful in the mechanical industry.

Jobs in Italy for English speakers include language teachers, interpreters or jobs in the tourism industry. There may also be good jobs for Americans in Italy at companies that want to work with American clients or expand to the United States.

4 Where can I find the best job offers?

There is a significant prosperity gap between northern and southern Italy. So if you are willing to work in industry, marketing, fashion, IT, tech, etc., you probably have a better chance of finding a good job in Milan and the north in general. You can also find IT jobs in Rome, but the real economic capital of the country is Milan.

Jobs in Rome are mainly in tourism or anything related to university and public administration. This is also true for jobs in Florence, Italy, except for the fact that Tuscany also has a strong and vibrant textile industry. It is more difficult to find work in Calabria, Italy or any other region in the south.

What’s the best way to find work in Italy?

How to look for work in Italy

There are many ways to look for work in Italy:

Websites: Indeed, Italy, LinkedIn, Info jobs, Trovalavoro and others can be useful in finding job vacancies.
Agencies: The aforementioned temp agencies (“recruitment agencies”) can be a great way to find temporary jobs, especially in areas like manufacturing, tourism and food.
Employment centre: the public employment office. This can help you get an idea of ​​the possibilities in your city and province.
Relationships – This is by far the best way to find work in Italy. Try to meet new people working in your field by attending exhibitions, conferences, etc.

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  1. My name is Sujon.I am from Bangladesh .I need a job Italy.I wanna work in Italy.Italy is my dream country .I am educated person.so I hope keep me your country for a job.

  2. My name is Sujon.I am from Bangladesh .I need a job in Italy.I wanna work in Italy.Italy is my dream country .I am educated person.so I hope keep me your country for a job.

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